10 regular seeds

Andhra Pradesh situated at the southeast of India between tropic of cancer and Equator, is home for one of the oldest and most used strain in India. The infamous bhang variety , which is also referred to as “jungli” is used heavily for making bhang edibles and beverages and widely used for smoking as well. This particular strain comes from the Bay of Bengal region. The climate is similar to the other coastal states in tropical India, wet-humid year around with a major spike in rainfall during July-August-September due to passage of monsoon. Temperature moves from 24- 41 celsius gradually from April till the arrival of the monsoon, which cools it down and brings it to a moderate range, with a min and max of 24-32 celsius.


Tropical Highland and Lowland regions of South & South-East India located inside 0°N to 24°N of the Equator. {14-20+ weeks}