BEAR’S XO RESERVE -TKO x Blueberry Preserve F3 (all proceeds donated to Seeds the Feed)

BEAR’S XO RESERVE -TKO x Blueberry Preserve F3 (all proceeds donated to Seeds the Feed)


Bear’s XO Reserve TKO

(Triangle Kush x GMObx) x Blueberry Preserve f3 Expect prodigious yields from this beautiful and unique pairing of a timeless vintage classic and some of the most influential genetic building blocks of the best modern cannabis cultivars. Thick with frost, the cross produces a refined blueberry~fuel profile that delivers a potent and long-lasting effect. Unlike other crosses offered in the Blueberry Preserve line, Bear’s XO Reserve’s proceeds will be going toward Conscious Alliance, a charity organization melding live music, visual art, and food assistance to in-need communities on Native American reservations. Heavy yield; ~9 week flowering time; medium to tall height Regular seeds, 12+ seeds per pack.


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Blueberry Preserve Release 

Seeds that Feed is a seed company born out of the idea that the cannabis industry is a reflection of the plant we love; a medicine that imparts humility, promotes empathetic understanding, and inspires us to evolve and heal. As a cannabis community we are capable of creating fantastic change, and Seeds that Feed aims to help leverage our collective efforts toward positive impacts by providing top quality genetics grown with intention, with 100% of its proceeds going to charity. 

The Blueberry Preserve Collection utilizes re-worked vintage Blueberry genetics from the 1990’s and combines them with both heirloom classics and some of the best modern cultivars, resulting in some truly unique and beautiful pairings. As the initial release from Seeds that Feed, the proceeds from Blueberry Preserve will go toward local food assistance, providing meals to those in trying times by purchasing wholesale-bought food stuffs which are delivered to food banks, soup kitchens, and community centers.

Future projects are already in the works including more exciting in-house generic releases as well as industry-bridging collaborations aimed at bringing further relief to those who need it most.