EYE CANDY -Thin Mint Cookies x Kush Cleaner NEW!!

EYE CANDY -Thin Mint Cookies x Kush Cleaner NEW!!


10 regular seeds

Eye Candy
(Thin Mint x Kush Cleaner)
All the cookie type plants crossed exceptionally well with my Kush Cleaner stud. If you love cookies but hate how little it yields, this one is for you! The cookies flavor is dominant, but you will get a few that have the pine gas kush cleaner terpenes. Most plants look and taste like Thin Mint but yield 3x more. Like all cookie crosses I did get a few that had hermaphrodite issues in the test runs indoors and in the greenhouse. Outdoors they performed fine and did extremely well in areas that didn’t get much sun light.
Indoor 9-10 Weeks
Outdoor Mid-Late Oct

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