(Hardcore OG x Chem D F3) #60 F2 NEW!!

(Hardcore OG x Chem D F3) #60 F2 NEW!!


10 regular seeds

The Hardcore OG x Chem D f3 used in these crosses was originally created by Russian Assassin Boys using the long held elusive clone only Hardcore OG crossed with Chem D F3 a cross originally created by Golden Coast Genetics. The Chem D f3 name was used by the breeder as it has been an educated assumption that Afghani genetics are in the makeup of the Chem lines thus the Chem D F3 looks like this (Chem D x Vintage Afghani BOEL)F3 I would suggest googling BOEL(Brotherhood of Eternal Love) for some cool cannabis history and info about where the BOEL lines come from.


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