HIGHLAND NEPALI (Panauti Village)

HIGHLAND NEPALI (Panauti Village)


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Nepal (Panauti Village)

Panauti is Village situated at the Confluence of two Holy rivers known as Rosi and Punyamati. It is Located at Province°3 , Kavrepalanchowk District in Nepal. Globally it’s at Lat 27.35°N 85.31°E. The Village’s Floor Elevation is approximately 1300-1500 Meters from the sea Level.

Panauti is a Holy place including a number of Buddhist and HINDU temples. In fact Panauti used to be a trading hub along the ancient Salt Trade route between Tibet and India.

In order to reach the Village One can travel from Kathmandu city to Kavrepalanchowk and Take a taxi up to the Village which is approximately 45 kms from the Capital. Kathmandu in itself is a Highland city which supports a warm climate but with added Humidity from the concentrated populations. The surrounding mountains though are a different story as they span with lesser human populations and mostly evergreen deciduous vegetation.


Nepal, Subtropical Highlands of Northwest Himalayas {11-14 weeks} located inside 24°N to 33°N