10 regular seeds

2018 collection

Remote Location Near Manipur-Burma Border. approx. Lat. N° 25.09, E° 94.36 Approximately 1500 meters above the sea level (5000+ ft.) The Eastern Manipur region which Borders with Burma (Myanmar) has a lush evergreen Hilly terrain. The Hills aren’t the same as the ones seen in Himalayan states such as Himachal or Uttrakhand but rather smaller and a mix of Undulating topography , Larger Hills at the periphery and a Huge expanse of plain Valleys of alluvial tracts possibly shaped by flooding of the region in the past.
This region is Inhabited by Tangkhul tribe a Sub division in the great Naga or (Mao) tribe.


North East India, Tropical Highland and Tropical Lowland regions of North-East India located between 0°N- 24°N of the Equator. {16-20 weeks}