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Double OG Chem #15 X (5Gs Yellow x OG Sour f1)

7th place 2022 Emerald Cup Winner.

Natty Bumppo is a hybrid of our Double OG Chem #15 which won us both the Breeders Cup and 2nd place at the 2022 and 2018 Emerald Cup, combined with our 5Gs Yellow (14th place 2011 Emerald Cup winner) x OG Sour (10th place 2011 Emerald Cup winner)

Natty Bumppo is a fictional character from the Leatherstocking Tales, a series of five novels mostly known for the Last of The Mohicans, written by James Fenimore Cooper.  I’ve always loved the Last of The Mohicans.

I once met a grower who did some hard federal time in which he wrote a book.  In the preface to his book he went in depth about the character Natty Bumppo and how they shared similarities, being respected and known for excellence but never fitting into any group.  Natty was the best hunter/tracker, trail guide, as well as being a skilled linguist.  He lived in both worlds of the natives and the white settlers, and while greatly respected and admired he never belonged to either.  The grower explained his origin and how eventually living deep in the hills of Southern Humboldt and Mendocino counties he excelled and was respected and accepted by the local community, but would never completely identify or fit in with the hippies or the hillbillies who lived that far out.  I was moved by his writing and named this variety in dedication of the inspiring preface to his book.

The 5Gs Yellow f1 mom was one of my favorite plants I’ve ever grown or smoked.  The 5Gs Yellow hybrid seeds used in this selection were the very last I had in existence, therefore the Last of the Mohicans.

The plants are extremely vigorous and easy to grow with heavy yield potential.  The flavors range from rotten fruit with tang, mixed with putrid body odor and loud gas fuel.  Terpenes have tested over 2.5%, easy potential for well over 3%.

Flowers produce a thick crusted layer of resin, 30% + cannabinoids.

Harvest outdoor mid October, 60-70 days indoor

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