Outlier Z F4 NEW!!

Outlier Z F4 NEW!!


Pre 98 Bubba Kush (Clone Only) x Auto Skywalker

I don’t even know where to start with this one..  Of all the things I absolutely love about being in the garden one of my favorites is the fact that it keeps me present and on my toes with appreciation, anticipation, and excitement!  Even when I think I know what to expect something out of the blue pleasantly surprises me.  This is exactly what happened with the Outlier Z.

During the F2 run of Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Auto Skywalker I expected to find nothing but a range of Bubba and Skywalker flavors, much like the F1s.  I knew that I was in for some wild variation within the two parent varieties profiles, but nothing like the plant that became known as Outlier Z.  As soon as her terps came into bloom she demanded to be worked separately from the Bubba line.  There were no two ways about it!

The “Z” in Outlier Z comes from her heavy fruit candy terps, a la Zkittlez.  She was equipped with some of the densest buds and best bag appeal that back up an amazing flavor profile, making her an all around stand out winner!

The F3 carried the same fruit “Z” terp profile with a bit more gas on the backend, which I enjoyed even more than the F2.  The bag appeal was still out of this world, with miniature disco balls for flowers, and the effects (when used in moderation) are just stoney enough to allow for daytime activities without loosing focus.  The flavor will have you coming back for more and more, making moderation difficult, so keep that in mind when enjoying her fruits.

The differences between the Pre 98 Episode 1 and Outlier Z are amazing.  The Episode 1 reflects and represents old school dank with its flavors and effects, while the Outlier Z is the epitome of modern flavors and effects.  Two very different varieties from the same parent stock, both extremely impressive in their own rights and both highly recommended!  I hope you enjoy growing them as much as I have!

Generation: F4 Feminized Autoflower

Quantity: 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Height: Up to 4 Feet

Yield: 2-4 Ounces

Harvest Time: 75-85 Days from Sprout

From time I received the clone only, through the creation of the F4 seeds these plants have been grown strictly in super soil, 5 gallon pots, and under LED lighting unless noted otherwise.  The figures above are based upon my own experience and include transplanting from half gallon pots to five gallon pots.  I have not pushed them to their full potential but I fully anticipate seeing some extra chunky buds from these.  Take precautions when growing in high humidity environments, as bud rot and this level of density can go hand in hand.

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