“Purple Midnight” (Kentucky Bluegrass S1)
Kentucky Bluegrass is a special cutting that came to me through Kentucky Organics. He sourced it in the Raywick, Kentucky area from an older gentlemen who was connected in the local scene for quite some time. I call it “KBG” for short. Not to be confused with the old commonly known Eastern European intelligence agency. This is a unique indica dominant plant that seems to be in the purple family of cultivars such as Purple Urkle, Mendo Purps, Lavender, Granddaddy Purple etc.. I would say it looks closer to Urkle, and Lavender than any of those other ones. Some purple strains were always known for being kind of mild in the potency department, but this plant is not mild at all. Excellent potency, and very tasty as well. I observe a slight delayed/creeper effect when smoked. This is one of those aromas that makes even the most seasoned smokers inquire about it when you open the jar, or light up a joint. During trim, this plant gives off a thick dank aroma that gets under your eyelids and into your skin. The high end of the nose on this plant makes me relate it to fruity, citrus/chemical household cleaner, but it is not so much the terpenoline/haze/jack type aroma some of you may be relating it to in your mind. The middle of the nose is creamy and tangy, like a lemon/orange Tang drink, very zesty.  And finally the back end is noticed upon opening the the bud. When you get into it, the skunky, and raw onion type tones infiltrate your nostrils. The aromas translate to flavor very well. This is one of the more unique, and beautiful plants I have come across on my journey. Extremely colorful, and so are most of its progeny. It breeds very dominant against the majority of crosses for a lot of its traits. Great bushy structure as well. The Kentucky Bluegrass harvest window is about 48-52 days, and you can expect a good amount its progeny to be shorter flowering as well.
This is a selfed version of the Kentucky Bluegrass clone. Extremely nice, and beautiful progeny. Lots of plants that are just as good or better than the mom. Littered in purple plants, and dank unique smelling buds. Just a pleasure to look at. As with a lot of older strains, and certain purple strains, some early intersex expression was present in the testing, but it was able to be managed with relative ease. That aside, this was one of the top 3 best performing lines out of all of the Kentucky Bluegrass lines that went through testing. fruity, citrus, skunky, oniony. This line may appeal to the more experienced growers, collectors, and/or eclectic crowd. These are listed “as is”, no replacements. First come, first serve. While supplies last.
Flower time: 48-55 days
Yield- Medium-High
6 Feminized seeds
*All packs are advertised as 6 seeds, but there is one additional seed in each pack for good measure, making 7 total. It’s just one of many steps that are taken to help ensure that our customers have the best odds of success in their favor.

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