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Sheelavathi is a regional heirloom Sativa
which may have been selected from
Kerala gold population for slightly shorter
flowering term and improved yields
and flavours. It has been spread out to many
south indian and south-east regions
adjoining odisha and is a well known strain
In many north indian urban areas.
Sheelavathi isn’t confined to a single state or region although origins are speculated around kerala and
tamil nadu, but today it mostly grows in wet-tropical climates in close proximity to equator and exhibits
the equatorial long flowering trait which can range from 14-16 weeks mostly, a tad bit faster than
cultivars like kerala gold.
Sheelavathi is one of the most domesticated cultivar from south indian/equatorial region, it adapts
to a variety of climates easily and grows to its full potential without supplemented help.
Sheelavathi has been grown in dry and arid climates like southern californian desert to highlands
of rocky mountains in colorado with an array of expressions. Plant shows a manageable
percentage of intersex traits, which can be further improved by selective inbreeding.
Sheelavathi produces good yields with an almost
acceptable bract/leaf ratio. While plant stretches in
first few weeks like any other equatorial variety, it fills
up rather quicker, which reduces the flower time
upto 3-4 weeks. Flavours can range from wide variety
of berries/wild floral /musk /pine and woody.


Tropical Highland and Lowland regions of South & South-East India located inside 0°N to 24°N of the Equator. {14-20+ weeks}