12  feminized seeds

Stardust X Double OG Chem

This is our answer to the current state of today’s Cannabis market.  Combining our unique colorful and flavorful Stardust to our powerful ultra gas Double OG Chem beats todays Purple cardboard trends at its own game.

The female used from our Stardust was selected from 72 plants for terps, color, vibrancy, vigor, and impressive mold resistance.  The pollen donor is a reversal from our Double OG Chem #5, a specific production clone that won 4th and 8th place at the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards, and 12th place at the 2018 Emerald Cup, and has tested over 39% cannabinoids and 3.125% terpenes.  .

Starlink has been fully tested running through over 400 individual plants.  There is variety to choose from.  About half go purple ranging from vibrant rainbow indigo to a beautiful light blue.  The other half are various shades of green with frosty flowers.  

Flavors range from sweet fruity grape, earthy pineapple and floral, to my preference, blue vanilla OG Sour gas flavor with a really unique zesty twang and subtle purple expressions.  There is some really amazing stuff in these.  All the are great but there definite stand outs are game changers, pick your favorite.

Plants are extremely vigorous and easy to grow, as well as beautiful, with great mold resistance.

Cannabinoids up-to and over 30%, with terpenes up-to an over 3%.

Harvest outdoor October 5-18 depending on medium volume and root mass.

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