The Mandela Effect NEW!!

The Mandela Effect NEW!!


Fugue State x Mango Isle

70/30 Sativa/Indica

75-85 Days from Sprout

2-4 ounce average

3 Feminized Seeds

Welcome back to the Secret Owl Society!  Remember the Berenstein Bears?

Expect large, branchy sativa dominant plants with heavy colas and an abundance of resin production.  Flavors will range from a combination of creamy tropical fruits to bubbly grapefruit citrus hazes, with some astringent hard to pinpoint alcohol type scents thrown in the mix.  The flowers are hidden under a heavy white coating of sandy trichomes, offering exceptional bag appeal and excellent potential for extractions.  Given the right care and environment she should easily break the average yields listed.  This is another small batch connoisseur sativa offering, so if you like complex head highs with mouth coating flavors she should not be missed!

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