TIRAH VALLEY type 2 (short flowering)

TIRAH VALLEY type 2 (short flowering)


10 regular seeds

Type 2 Orakzai Broadleaf Heirloom variety “PAK/AFG
acclimatized to tirah valley”
Orakzai Agency is truly worthy of being talked about in detail and before
any other district because most of the people from orakzai being employed
directly or indirectly in the cannabis related businesses and have been
unconsciously shaping the cannabis culture tremendously over the years in
All of Pakistan.
Orakzai Agency or District in The FATA or now a part of the bigger
province (KPK) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan.
Surrounded by Kohat, Khurram and Khyber Agency all of which are
famous cannabis hotspots in their own right. Orakzai however easily far
exceeds them in each aspect from production to distribution and indulgence
wise as well, people mostly work in an around cannabis related
Businesses, from cultivation to processing and Transportation to
Orakzai Agency has a mountainous terrain which averages
around 2-3000 meters it is located just a few miles from the
transversing hindu kush ranges through the khyber pass
-wakhan corridor and into the afghanistan. Although tirah
valley is known to have an extremely diversified climate which
is colder in the upper northern and north west parts and can be
very hot towards some parts of the khyber agency.
Although Orakzai climate is generally cool, the winters can be
very cold though with snow during December-Jan, and also the
summer temperatures never exceed 30°Celsius with relatively
high rainfall around the year which is very close to 1000 mm
Broadleaf short flowering variety is the choice of cultivar which
is grown by the farmers to produce the potent and famous
pakistani hashish.
These plants although are a by product of a long tradition of
importing seeds from afghanistan, tajikistan, iran and
uzbekistan to mix with their own regional varieties to achieve
relatively shorter flowering plants with broad leaf and heavy
These mixed varieties have are also resistant towards the wet climate as
they acclimatize at tirah valley which is essentially acts as a subtropical
highland during summers and fall and gets quite dry and arid in winters
which is perfect for making dry sieved hashish.
The flavours range from commonly very piney (turpentine based astringent
aromas) mixed in commonly and abundantly found smells like sweet cheese
to spiced garlic or fuel based which is very closely poised between the
terpene profiles of pakistani regional heirlooms and broad leaf domesticated
The effects reported from the orakzai broadleaf variety are majorly sedative
in nature and concentrated around the body more than forehead like the
regional narrow leaf variety does.
The plants flower out completely in about 9-11 weeks similar to any other
broadleaf drug variety growing at high latitude regions such as afghanistan
or uzbekistan for example.
However it is to be noted that due to being acclimatized under higher
humidity compared to some of the above mentioned regions and the
presence of narrow leaf regional heirloom genetics in the mix it stretch and
grows much taller and vigorous compared to either parents in its pedigree.


Pakistan’s Imported and amalgamated Landrace varieties