25 regular seeds

Nanda devi is easily one of the highest places
cannabis is found at, which ranges upto 4000 mtrs. or
approx. 13,000 FT. Nanda devi’s highland sativa is one of
the more interesting plant as it seems to express a mixture
of both sativa and Indica traits.
Nanda Devi is the name of the godess who is worshipped
in the entire district of chamoli as the gaurdian angel of the
valley and the highest mountain to be completely inside
india was named after it as well which peaks at 7,800 mtrs
or 25,000+ ft. which also lies in the same district (chamoli).
order to find cannabis one has to go deep inside
the ferral-untouched valleys, blazing-trails to catch
a glimpse of this unique cultivar.
However there are a couple of villages who do
farm cannabis to earn their bread, malari and
tapovan are two of the famous villages where
farmed fields of cannabis can be found. Interaction
with these farmers is not easy as they arent used
to welcoming tourists like himachal pradesh and a
local guide is advised if one plans to approach the
bhang farmers.
Now, to talk about the plant itself, Its a short
flowering highland sativa with some
unmistakeable traits of indica, like Broad fingers in
some odd phenotypes or close internodes which
at time gives it that bushy look. Nanda devi is
probabaly the only landrace found in India wherein
the terpene profile is not complex at all.
It features a straight up soaring mango flavour,
which is a very ripe mango candy like flavour, and
makes you want to bite down on the bud itself, also
ripe cherries flavour can be smelled on top of
mango in a lot of plants, with some odd plants
having more of a cherry smell and side notes of mango.


Uttrakhand, Subtropical Highlands of Northwest Himalayas {11-14 weeks} located inside 24°N to 33°N