ZaMango NEW!!

ZaMango NEW!!


  • Zamaldelica Express F4 x Mango Isle
  • 80/20 Sativa/Indica
  • 75-85 Days from Sprout
  • 2-4 ounce average
  • 3 Feminized Seeds
  • 75% Zamaldelica Express, 100% amazing!

Expect large, branchy sativa plants with heavy yields of exotic flower. Greasy colas of that piercingly sweet Zamaldelica bouquet that will overpower everything else around it. One squeeze of the buds and you’ll be left wearing the most amazing scent for hours! The fruit flavors run the gamut with no discernible pinpointing of a specific recognizable scent, more a mix of raspberry, cantaloupe, cherry, mango, papaya, apple, watermelon, and pear all wrapped up in one with no start or end point for each. The sharp astringent and leather scents form the pure Zamaldelica Express have taken a backseat, and the Mango Isle has helped ever so slightly to modernize the bud structure. It’s still wild, but more manageable and overall easier to grow than the pure version. This is another small batch connoisseur grade sativa for the true heads to experience. If you haven’t gotten to try the Zamaldelica Express or if you’ve been missing having her in your stable then do not miss out on these!

The figures above are based upon my own experience and include transplanting from half gallon pots to five gallon pots. I have not pushed them to their full potential and I fully anticipate seeing some higher yields from you guys. Enjoy!

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