AFGHANI BLUEGRASS -Heirloom Afghani S1 x Kentucky Bluegrass NEW FEMINIZED!!


 “Afghani Bluegrass” (Heirloom Afghani S1 x Kentucky Bluegrass)
Surfweed was kind enough to pass me one of his selections that I enjoyed from Riotseedco’s Heirloom Afghani S1. It is a very potent plant.  Immediate “expando” weed. A really nice selection that I keep around for head stash. The progeny in this cross showed good yield, and very colorful. There were a good amount of Heirloom Afghani leaning traits, which is rare considering how dominant the Bluegrass has proven against most strains. There was all kinds of cool stuff in here to choose from. Some favorites grew dense rounded colas, and very resinous. Others were more KBG dominant being shorter, more broad leaf, and very fragrant and flavorful. Some like a creamy citrus. An awesome, unique mix overall. Thanks to Riot and Surf for making this one possible.
Flowering time: 50-60 days
Yield- Medium High
6 Feminized seeds
*All packs are advertised as 6 seeds, but there is one additional seed in each pack for good measure, making 7 total. It’s just one of many steps that are taken to help ensure that our customers have the best odds of success in their favor.

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