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Double Pure Kush is PureKush x PureKush x SkyCuddler Double Kush

SkyCuddler Double Kush (SCDK) is a cross of two PureKush (PK) backcrosses bred together.

PK x SourDiesel x PK x Urkel x Black Afi as the mother and PK x Skywalker x PK x BigRed x Hindu as the father.

In both cases there is another parent added in between the PK but I still consider it a backcross of sorts because the PK is in there twice. I used the SCDK to breed back with the PK and it brought out a lot more of the good variation in the PK. Gassy OG types with hints of odd fruit that make the PK special and a little different than other OG cuts.

From those seeds I selected a male that was super OG and PK looking and the whole plant smelled like OG which stood out because actual OG clones don’t smell like much to me for the most part. The result of the cross was a great version of PK in seed form with some variation in flavor. I did a lot of work on the male side to get to a place where so much of the PK can come through.

Killer smoke with big flavor. A PureKush Backcross2 line essentially, with extra PureKush for good measure. PrivateBreeds who has grown several OG based hybrids of mine and a lot of other OG hybrids described this one as “the perfect OG”. I don’t know if I’d go that far but it’s definitely a whole lotta Kush!

-Mean Gene From Mendocino, Freeborn Selections.


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every pack comes with a 10pk of Sensi Star Backcross #2 (Sensi x Sensi x Jaro)