KENTUCKYWRECKER -Daywrecker x Kentucky Bluegrass NEW FEMINIZED!!

KENTUCKYWRECKER -Daywrecker x Kentucky Bluegrass NEW FEMINIZED!!


“Kentuckywrecker” (Daywrecker x Kentucky Bluegrass)
The Daywrecker, also known as Original Diesel is an extremely potent diesel type plant. Quite rare these days. Some very nice progeny came out of these. Expect increased potency from the Daywrecker, with aromas and flavor of the KBG. Tested and photographed by BDSC, and reported to be one of their favorites.
Flowering time: 60-70 days
Yield- Medium High
6 Feminized seeds
*All packs are advertised as 6 seeds, but there is one additional seed in each pack for good measure, making 7 total. It’s just one of many steps that are taken to help ensure that our customers have the best odds of success in their favor.

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