Strain info:
Female : Cherry pie (Bay area cut) x Mac Dragon #7) (DFG) X Male Triangle Skunk bx1 (Matchmaker genetics bred, selected by DFG)
DFG and Matchmaker Genetics Collab.
This combo of elite parents is the first wave of releases coming from the Dragons Flame and match maker genetics collaboration projects.
MMG and I became friends while I lived on the Big Island Of Hawaii and we have long talked about working a collab project together. He is a very passionate, skilled grower and breeder, who also specializes in mold and mildew resistant, adaptable, terpene rich lines.
The Maui Mac Dragon embodies quality outdoor genetics, with above average resistance levels, and exquisite skunky funky gas and cherry smells and tastes.  She has high density, with a knobby flower structure that allows air flow to keep rot issues down.  Indoor she’s a breeze, with top shelf level smoke.
Flower time is in the 9-11 week realm, depending on phenotype and desired maturity level.  Outdoor in the PNW most were finished by the first week of October.
Our testers reported back keepers a plenty, with killer potency and offensive terps.   

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