Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix NEW!!

Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix NEW!!


Tyrone Stomper F6 x Blue Microverse F4

True F1 Hybrid Limited Edition

35/65 Sativa/Indica

70-80 days from sprout

2-4 ounces average

3 Feminized Seeds

Welcome back to the Secret Owl Society!

If you missed out on the original then do yourself a favor and slip into the Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix!!!

One of the most highly acclaimed Secret Owl Society varieties is back and better than ever! Expect these medium to large plants to offer heavy branching, an excess of bud sites, and some of the craziest resin coverage available! Trichome laden branches and stalks are extremely common, and her flowers are absolutely caked thanks to both the Grape Stomper OG and Blue Magoo Bx2 heritage. Flavors will be extra sweet and syrupy grape big league chew/children’s tylenol with some blueberry backing, and the occasional Earthy, minty subtlety from the Blue Microverse. This true F1 hybrid will respond incredibly well to topping and training, with satellite branches reaching almost the same height as the main cola! Golfball size nugs climb their way up the branches and finish off with nice little cola clusters on top! Effects will be both functional and mentally stimulating when used in moderation, and sedative when overindulgence occurs. The flavor makes overindulge almost too easy, so fair warning! Properly working carbon filters are also a must! This variety is another all around winner, showcasing two of my favorite varieties in one exceptional package.

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