Popesicle NEW!!

Popesicle NEW!!


Tyrone Stomper F6 x Purple Pope *Purple Wizard Pheno*

40/60 Sativa/Indica

75-85 days from sprout

2-4 ounce average

3 Feminized Seeds

Welcome back to the Secret Owl Society!

Expect medium to large plants with heavy, sturdy branching and a fair bit more stretch than most Tyrone Stomper hybrids. Spiced grape popsicle and wine flavors will explode out of this new SOS variety, with an Earthy and slightly peppery backend and an even split between purple and green expressions. Popesicle will really shine with some heavy training, and won’t mind defoliation to open up her budsites to better light and airflow. As with all Purple Pope genetics yields can be significantly higher than the average when grown well.

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