TIRAH VALLEY type 1 (long flowering)

TIRAH VALLEY type 1 (long flowering)


10 regular seeds

Tirah Maidan (Valley) in Khyber Agency is situated at an altitude of over
2000-2500+ meters at 32°- 33° North of Equator , Just on the cusp of
Pak-Afghan Border towards the southern fringes of Hindu Kush Ranges and
Around 150 km south, South West of Chitral.
Tirah valley houses almost every expression imaginable in cannabis from
extremely short 2-3 ft. Plants to the humongous classical highland Hash-plant
embodiment and everything in between. One of the major reasons behind the
awe-inspiring variation of cannabis genotypes is the fact that almost all the
domesticated varieties were brought (imported here) either from Peshawar,
chitral, or majorly from Afghanistan. Tirah valley spans over 33-34 degrees
north which makes it a very special place in terms of the latitude positioning as
it is generally observed and understood that beyond 33 north the cannabis
genotypes seems to flower shorter and as a result stretch less and finish with
completely different morphology, also boasting a narrow population of very
potent cannabis genotypes.

1.a Regional Heirloom variety of tirah valley also known
as “ilaqai nasal” in local language.
The wide-spread culture of importing seeds amongst many Tirah Valley tribes
from Neighbouring countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan etc. makes it
imperative to segregate the plants only on the basis of morphology /Expression.
The aftermath of the years of amalgamation of genetics in the fields of Tirah
Valley can be seen in the form myriads of Plant types or expressions stemming
from the Domestication work of the Farmer clans.
For example. Afridi tribe mostly grows (ILAQAI NASAL OR REGIONAL VARIETY)
characterized by the thin leaved, tall plants exhibiting a feral thin leaved , long
flowering plant which closely resembles other southeast Asian longer flowering
varieties Only with significantly scarce side branching and shorter flowering time
close to 12 weeks similar to many Indian Highland Hash Plant varieties growing
at about 30° – 33° N o the Equator.
Although the telling difference in these regional Heirloom plants from Tirah Valley
is the Flavour and High. Though it looks much like the Highland or south East
asian varieties with longer stalks, the Quality of resin, it’s flavour and Effects are
distinctly different.
Mostly the flavours include very spicy to Sour with light fuel and floral Notes and
hints of sweetness but muffled under the more common spicy sour and other
uncommon smells which runs dominant amongst most of the populations in this
The uncommon profiles and Soaring effects could be attributed to the years of
cross pollination and random to selective amalgamation of imported heirloom
seeds and the regional Landrace by the various Families in Tirah Valley.


Pakistan’s Imported and amalgamated Landrace varieties